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Fun Allowed is on hiatus!
Fri Nov 13, 2015 3:00 pm by CasualCollision
It is uncertain how long this hiatus will last, and what changes will be made once it ends.

Admittedly, the main reason this hiatus is happening is because I'm running out of ideas as to how I can really involve myself.

The other reason is because, well, I hate seeing this place dead. The vast majority of the hiatus will probably be spent doing things entirely unrelated to Fun Allowed. However, I might look into finding a less restrictive host... eventually.

(Edited due to things)

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 Fine Arts Guidelines

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PostSubject: Fine Arts Guidelines   Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:06 am

These are the following guidelines put in place to help ensure order in the Fine Arts board, as well as its sub-boards. These rules are made to both protect the artist, as well as the artist’s viewers. Please be aware that all official Fun Allowed guidelines still apply on this board, and that these are extra guidelines made specifically for this section of the forum.

1. This board follows the party crashing rule. Any spam, shenanigans, or joke posts with no relevance to the subject at hand will be removed or edited out unless the artist or OP has strictly given approval of the act in their thread(s).

A reoccurring theme regarding the guidelines is that we try to give the OPs some power over what they do and do not want happening in their thread(s). It should be obvious to most people that individuals have preferences, and that artists and authors may not appreciate mindless behavior. However, the OP is not permitted to decide to lift forum misconduct rules regardless.
If the OP decides to allow spam and shenanigans, and it gets out of hand to the point where little to no work is even being posted, the thread may be moved to the Spam & Shenanigans board, or split into two different threads. In this case, once the move is conducted, the OP may then lift some rules regarding forum misconduct. Refer to the Spam & Shenanigans guidelines for more information.

2. Providing constructive criticism is granted to all users. Artists are not permitted to restrict constructive criticism.

When artists and authors post any artwork publicly, he or she agrees that users are able to provide any feedback that are within in the confines of the rules. We at Fun Allowed believe that constructive criticism is no different than any other form of feedback. Be aware however, that rules regarding harassment, hate-speech, etc. still apply, and that providing constructive criticism does not grant you to blatantly insult the artist or author. Lastly, leave out any bias towards the artist or author when critiquing. Criticize the work, not the worker.

3. Humorous works are fine. However, anything along the lines of intentionally bad, ironic, or just plain nonsense should be reserved for the Spam & Shenanigans board.  

The Fine Arts section is not a place for non-serious works, categorized by anything along the lines of for example, Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. Posting these obscures serious works, and over time may deprive them of the attention they deserve, good or bad. This also applies to written works as well. Note that you may post these in your art or story threads on occasion. However, any threads made for the sole purpose of making ironic works will be moved to the Spam & Shenanigans board.

4. Reposting or editing another person’s work and claiming it as your own is a near bannable offense.

Taking credit for someone else’s work is downright art theft, and unacceptable no matter the circumstance. This will put a warning on your account, and/or a month’s suspension, depending on the severity of the act. Afterwards, if the artist is a user on Fun Allowed, you are expected to write a personal apology to the artist explaining why your actions were detestable. A simple sorry will not do.

I give props to Batty for assisting me with writing these rules.

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Fine Arts Guidelines
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